Pulled pork is an all-time favorite and a dish that you can never get tired of. Whether it is served as the main course of a family lunch or you have some leftovers from the best mail order ham for sale that you can buy, the tender, juicy, tasty little shreds of pork can delight you and your guests in many ways – here are some of our favorite recipes.
pulled BBQ Pork sandwichesPrepare It the Traditional Way
Get a big chunk of pork shoulder with the skin off and pre-fry it until it gets a dark brown crust, then rub it with a marinade made from oil, smoked paprika, powdered mustard and garlic, onion salt, black pepper and a few drops of your favorite barbeque sauce. Place the meat into a baking tray, cover it with tin foil and put it into the oven for about five hours, then shred the meat,
Creative Ways to Use Pulled Pork
– Mac and cheese with pulled pork – prepare the macaroni and the cheese sauce like you normally would, then add the leftover pulled pork, put some more cheese on top and place it all into the oven.
– Use the shreds of pork in a sandwich – combine it with some leafy vegetables and pour a generous helping of mustard or barbecue sauce on the meat.
– Use the pork as pizza topping – prepare your favorite pizza dough or buy ready-made dough, then place as much pork on top as the dough can accommodate, grate some cheese on it all and place it into the oven until it becomes bubbly and golden.