Ham & Bacon

Add bits of Hickory Baked Ham or High Valley Farm bacon to your favorite recipes!



Hams can be served at room temperature or heated.

To heat: Loosely tent foil around the ham and place in a shallow pan. Heat at 250°F, allowing 15 minutes per pound for a maximum of 2 hours.

Serving Hints

We find the easiest way to remove slices is in sections.

With a thin knife, cut right next to and around the bone. Then, make 4 cuts parallel to the bone at the top, bottom and both sides. Next, cut parallel to the spiral slicing as far back as you think you will need. Remove the top two sections first, then the bottom two sections.



If not consumed within a week or so, ham should be frozen. Tightly wrap in foil and place in a plastic bag or wrap with plastic wrap. We do not recommend more than 6-8 weeks for freezing.