1. Give yourself enough time for rest
If you have a few free hours, take advantage of them and get some rest, so you can continue working properly after that. Otherwise, you will be slower, and you will lose even more time. Schedule your sleep, go to bed as early as possible and encourage your children to follow this example.
2. Learn to say no
You do not even have to go to all the school activities and meetings, or accept additional work projects. Initially, it may seem difficult to refuse, but when you chose to be a mother, you must learn to determine your priorities. In addition, when setting limits, you also teach children about their value.
3. Schedule your working hours within normal limits
Before accepting to take on new responsibilities, clearly determine what the employer wants from you in terms of actual hours of work. Over time, everyday activities and work projects increase inevitably, so it is good to check from time to time exactly what is expected from you, and once again impose some limits.
4. Do not attempt multitasking
It is somehow fashionable for mothers to think about themselves as superheroes and try to promote this image exhaustively, but the truth (even if we do not like it) is that there is no such thing. We are all more efficient and have much better results when we focus on one task at a time.
5. Schedule meal planning in advance. Scheduling a set time to make weekly menus and a shopping list, will help streamline the process of daily meal prep. By planning in advance, you can come up with creative ways to utilize left overs. Include pre-made items such as spiral cut ham or smoked turkey to minimize meal prep time. Look for the very best mail order ham for sale, as well as other meat options at the Hickory Baked Ham Company.