easter background for ham promotion

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Easter and Christmas is a great time for honey baked ham. If you ordered a large ham, and you simply don’t know what to do with all the leftovers after a great time bringing the family together, the following delicious leftover honey baked ham ham recipes should be able to help you out:

• Combine it with vegetables. Broccoli scalloped potatoes make use of a delicious ham and chese combination that creates a perfect smokey flavor.
• Chicken cordon bleu pasta is yet another delicious recipe you can make simply using the ingredients you have around the house. Just add some leftover smokey ham and toasted bread crumbs into the mix, and you’re all set.
• Who’s up for an exquisite ham and cheese potato casserole? This delicious meal can be great if you need something at a short notice. It’s also easy to put on ice and get it on busy days to save time when you need it most.
• Ham a la King with cheese is a popular recipe that looks great on the table, and is just the kind of dish you’d want to serve at important family events.

There are dozens more exceptional recipes to choose from. As long as you have some leftover ham at hand, and you’re not afraid to experiment with common ingredients in a new way, there certainly won’t be a shortage of delicious food in your house.