split pea soupThanksgiving is usually celebrated with lots of food, much of which is not consumed during the celebration dinner. Leftovers, especially if they are from the delicious meals prepared for Thanksgiving, make excellent ingredients for the meals prepared after the holiday. Whether it is a delicious whole smoked turkey, the oyster dressing, the cranberry sauce or the asparagus that you prepared too much of, with a little creativity you can prepare multiple delicious recipes – here are our favorites:
– Turkey soup – just put what is left of the turkey, meat and bones included, into a pot, add some vegetables, such as green beans and some spices and prepare a delicious broth.
– Turkey sandwich – a classic prepared easily with some pulled turkey, a few tomato slices, some barbeque sauce placed between two slices of bread.
– Spoon bread with sweet potato – mix the leftover sweet potato mash with some orange juice, eggs, sugar, milk and spices such as ginger and cinnamon to prepare a dough, then bake it until the top becomes golden.
– Cranberry sauce in puff pastry – mix cream cheese with the leftover sauce, then roll out the puff pastry, cut out squares, put some filling in the center of each square, then fold the squares to create bags. Bake the bags until the pastry becomes golden brown.