When preparing for Thanksgiving, a lot of American families have the same old problem: not enough diversity and the compelling need to find something a little more original to put on the table. Fortunately, there are tons of new ideas out there, so you can easily get some inspiration and enjoy a few new types of snacks and recipes to spice up your holiday:

• Why not try a few mini Thanksgiving desserts to dazzle your guests and keep them happy after the main course? Pumpkin cheesecake bites, caramel apple crescents and scrumptious chocolate-filled pumpkins are just some of the delicious things you can prepare.
Stuffing the whole smoked turkey doesn’t always have to be done using the same old classical Thanksgiving stuffing that you use every year. Instead, try a sweeter alternative with apple and sausage Focaccia stuffing, or try some cauliflower stuffing – the most delicious low-carb stuffing for when you want to watch your figure.
• Preparing a few new kinds of pies will also serve to give your family something more exciting to look forward to than the apple pie you might have perfected every year in the past. The most popular pie recipes include sweet potato pie, pecan pie and frozen samoa pie.

whole smoked turkey

32917334 – whole homemade thanksgiving turkey with all the sides

These simple but ingenious Thanksgiving dinner ideas will surely get your dinner going this year, and they might even give you a few new ideas you could plan for next year as well.