whole honey baked ham

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Thanksgiving is traditionally celebrated almost everywhere in the United States, to give thanks for the rich harvest of the year. For this celebration, everyone is getting ready, because, first, it is a family reunion. It is probably one of the very few days of the year in which families gather at the same festive meal.
Everywhere in the country are organized Thanksgiving parades, with fanfare and allegorical chariots.
What not to omit when planning your Thanksgiving meal
Pumpkin and corn are two of America’s most popular vegetables. They were here before the Europeans discovered the New World and this is another reason why they were kept in the Thanksgiving meal, over the time. There are many traditional recipes to cook them in various ways and you can prepare delicious meals without too much effort.
Of course, there is no Thanksgiving without turkey or a delicious spiral cut ham. You may also want to consider including in the menu the cranberries sauce and the onion cream, which completes the combination of tastes on traditional American plates.
Planning the meal for this special day does not have to be stressful, with proper organization. Take some time to choose recipes and make the shopping list, as well as a schedule for the other activities.