The time spent having fun your loved ones is the most beautiful gift you can make yourself for holidays. Nevertheless, in order to enjoy it, you must first find effective ways to reduce the time spent with preparations for the great feast.
Here are a few tricks that you can use to maximize the entertaining time.
1. Complete all the purchases within two days
Choose a weekend or two consecutive days of the week and buy all the gifts, the necessary decorations and groceries. Shopping like this is faster than you can imagine. It is all about being organized, making shopping lists and respecting them. If you prefer, you can also order online; the major bonus will be reducing the stress associated with the agglomeration in the supermarkets.
2. Do not waste all your time cleaning
A time planning specialist could tell you that cleaning the house for the holidays has to be done early, right from the first days of December, and maintained until the celebration days. Delaying it too much will transform it in a burden that will eat your time and negatively affect your mood.
3. Prepare the food in advance
Some vegetables can be pre-cooked and stored in the freezer for a longer time. Sauces and filling mixtures may also be prepared in advance. Moreover, when guests ask you what to bring to the Christmas table or the New Year`s party, you can ask them to come up with appetizers or desserts.
4. Purchase precooked or smoked entrees. Not only are they delicious, but they also will leave room in your oven for other items requiring baking. These wonderful main dishes relieve you of the time it takes to prepare from scratch. Items like spiral cut hams and the finest whole smoked turkey will look beautiful on your table and give you the extra time to relax with guests.