While you might already be familiar with some of the more common wild game meats, such as rabbit or venison, you probably didn’t know that some of these meats are not just delicious and extremely filling, but also remarkably healthy when compared to the pork and chicken that most people are used to. You also probably didn’t know that there are some

ham and bean soup

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local farms offering wild game meat for sale.

Rabbit is ranked among the best types of wild game meats when it comes to both its taste and its healthy nutrient content. Even though rabbit has a total of 9% of fat, only 2% of that is harmful saturated fat. Also, the cholesterol content is relatively low when compared to other meats, and you get 100% of your daily required vitamin B-12 dosage.

One of the more surprising additions to the list is alligator. With 0% saturated fat, high protein concentration and a light-grained texture looked upon favorably when compared to chicken or pork, alligator will give you up to 232 of healthy calories per serving.

Elk is also a great choice if you’re looking for something with fewer calories. With just a little more than ½ of the calories you get from alligator or wild turkey, you have a very low saturated fat content and a full dose of healthy vitamins and minerals, including iron, vitamin B-12, thiamine and phosphorus.