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Farm to table, also known as farm to fork is a social movement that encourages local residents as well as restaurants, school cafeterias and other enterprises that serve food to use ingredients purchased from local farmers to prepare their dishes. The acquisitions from local growers or farmers offering fruits and vegetables, delectable wild game meat for sale, fish caught locally, wineries and breweries, or livestock ranches can take the form of direct sale or they can take place at the local farmer’s market or via a local distributor.
The movement has been around for decades and it is gaining more and more ground and popularity – here are a few reasons why:
– Local produce is healthier and fresher than produce that comes from hundreds of miles and has undergone various procedures to preserve fresh appearance.
– Environmental benefits – the farm to table movement promotes sustainability in farming as local produce does not travel more than a few miles to get to the buyer.
– Financial benefits – being able to sell directly to local customers is beneficial for farmers as they can preserve their prices low while also circulating money for the benefit of the local economy.
– The movement has educational benefits as well – it teaches younger generations about the importance of sustainability and about how great locally grown organic produce tastes.