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The phenomenon known as “Bacon Mania” has been traced back to the 1990s, and is considered by experts to be one of the primary reason why bacon became so famous after the popularization of the internet. Following the development of the Atkins diet, people began to use high-protein foods to an ever-increasing extent.

Creative, novelty bacon recipes have surfaced, and the ideas have rapidly spread online. Today, bacon has become a household item that can constantly be found in the recipes used by most American and Canadian homeowners.

Over time, the increased interest that people had in bacon has led to “bacon of the month” clubs, and many special events were organized in places like Baltimore, New York and Boulder, CO, keeping the “bacon tradition” alive and blending humor with all-out campaigns for the open promotion of new bacon products and recipes. Many local area farmers offer the best bacon delivery options!

Although “bacon mania” lost some of its popularity due to negative publicity associated with swine flu allegations, this did not deter most of those who preferred to continue using bacon as an essential part of their daily meals. These days bacon continues to be considered an integral member of the classic breakfast food “club” and daring new ideas continue to surface regarding original recipes each day.