Nitrates and nitrites – we hear repeatedly that they are used in conventional farming and that they go through the soil and infiltrate in vegetables and fruits. These substances are also added voluntarily in meat products, especially sausages, as preservatives and dyes.
The food industry has arguments for this practice. Nitrites provide a nice color to meat products, prevents fat from ranching and kill the bacteria that produces botulinum toxin, a poison that can lead to paralysis and ultimately death. Therefore, we would be tempted to consider that the use of nitrites is a safe practice. It is only here that the story begins to complicate, because these substances have adverse effects on humans.
Sodium nitrite in large quantities passes into blood. The younger the consumer is, the more risky the situation becomes. Nitrite does not allow red cells to oxygenate, and in the case of intoxication, the skin of the children can get blue. Severe cases require hospitalization and administration of antidotes.
Sodium nitrite is a substance that can even contribute to the apparition of cancer due to its interaction with food proteins. This reaction produces nitrosamines, which are carcinogenic compounds.
Remember that limiting the associated risks is actually limiting the consumption. Choose safe products, like Hickory Baked Ham Company’s no nitrate added whole smoked turkey!

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